Using Twitter To Attract Local Customers

Using Twitter for a business purpose is very easy, but you must know the simple idea of using it in the right way to attract more customers. Especially those who want to attract only local customers in their area, there are different tactics that can be used. It is important to maintain your Twitter account updated before using it for your business purpose effectively.

1. Mention the location in your tweets- It is important for the people to know where you are located, so try to include the location of your business by simply enabling the location data in tweets. This will help the Twitter users to recognize your business location and try to contact you for further details. By enabling the location data, the users will be able to click on location marker icon in the tweet to look out the location of your business. Make sure that the location feature is tuned on in your tweets as it will be off as default. To turn on the location feature, open your tweet and select Location Disabled which will open a new window where you can switch it on. You can also change the location by using search field located on top of menu. Make sure to use the most relevant searchable keywords of your product and use the good photo and don’t forget to mention the URL.

2. Using local hashtag to find leads- There are few tools that can be used to search the people with particular hashtags and after collecting them you must include in the private Twitter list before engaging with the users. Hashtagify is one of such tool that can supportive in this situation. To use it first enter local hashtag in search field and tick Twitter in the dialog box as it also features Instagram results. Now you will be able to see the number of users who are tweeting with the hashtag. After this you must try to create the Twitter lead list and engage with them by sharing useful details about your business to make it effective.

3. Targeting the customers using the promoted trends- Use promoted trends only if you are having a large brand to get more leads as it is featured on top of Trending Topics list during the day. The promoted Trends will be featured in users timelines and they are specially made for the users found with location. By doing this you will be capable of grabbing more users attention those who are looking for the trending topic. The promoted trends will be mentioned as Promoted with a mark and it will be displayed in the users timelines on regular basis. Try to conduct promoted trends campaign to get connected with your local customers and it is also one of the best ways to introduce new brands to the public. You can promote your brand with major announcements that can easily create a buzz around your particular event.