Twitter Marketing: JVZoo Vs. ClickSure

Since JVZoo was already part of our plans to promote them to the ones you buy Twitter followers, I think it is about time that we should be comparing them to other affiliate programs starting with this one. In other words, for today’s article, I will be posting about JVZoo versus Clicksure. In this way, you may know about their comparisons for good, and I would let you know which one would be very effective to use for your own Twitter campaigns. Without further ado, let us now try to compare between the JVZoo and Clicksure affiliate program once and for all.

Let us start first with JVZoo once and for all. As you may know, I have seen JVZoo as one of the gateway payments being used by the Warrior Forum members who are launching their so-called Warrior Special Offers. This one I know was simply one of the best out there, and it used to give them quality statistics and services that may satisfy their own needs for good. Also, JVZoo will let you be paid through a popular payment gateway called Paypal, and it was supposed to be one of the best payment processors around the corner. Do you agree with me on this or not for good?

But what about Clicksure? This is pretty similar to Clickbank, but they do not pay via postal check. Instead, they are going to pay you via bank transfer (or we can simply say it as wire transfer), and they need you to verify your account with valid documents for sure.