Plugins For Marketers On Social Media

Marketers who are using social media to promote their business can use special plugins that can help to improve their posts. Mainly those who are using WordPress along with social media can select one of these plugins to make their marketing process simple. The following are few important plugins that can be used link both your social media profile and blogs.

1. Social login- This plugin can be used to sigin to a website using your social media profile. There are different options available in this option as it features comments, sidebars, registration pages and more. It is also available as a free option for all the users.

2. WordPress social stream- It helps to create a Twitter feed with various platforms that can be displayed on the website. Apart from Twitter you can also use other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and more. But this option is available as premium feature with a fee.

3. Custom Twitter feeds- Twitter feed can be placed on the blog to make the readers aware of your posts and then you can link the social media along with your website using this option. Place the Custom Twitter Feeds in the blog for customized feed and display it in the Twitter feed. Twitter feed used from plugin can b seen on your mobile and it also works on stylistic aspects related to your theme as well as search engines. On top of the Twitter feed option it is possible to place a clickable CTA that would support in making the viewers to follow your Twitter account by just clicking on the link.

4. Monarch social sharing button- This plugin can be used to select different types of sharing buttons on the social media platform which includes automatic pop-ups, floating sharing bars and more. It is also mobile-responsive that features customized button shapes and effects. But this is also available with a fee and you can get lots of unique themes that can be used very easily.

5. Simple social icons- All the people who are using social media would like to make their post sharable and even want the users to follow their account. With this plugin you can place all the social icons in such a way that the viewers will be directed to your brands profiles.

6. SEO toast- This plugin is best for those who want to make a particular keyword get perfect rank in the search engines so it is easily reachable for all. You can add the keyword and meta description in this plugin to automatically assess the webpage performance based on your keyword. It is possible to get complete information related to your content and its performance on regular basis. You will also get the option to see the problem you content has faced and the way to correct it. This is available for free and it is also much easier to use when compared to other similar tools.