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Those who want to know latest trends happening on the social media, it is better to use their mobile. In the present day, most of the people use mobile device to access their social media activities. According to new research, the majority of people have been using mobile device to be active online. There are special strategies that can be used with their mobile to know social media network process.

1. Geo-Targeting- One of the most unique way of mobile marketing can be done with geo-targeting. The brands want to give a unique look to their ads that are more relevant in making the geo-targeted ads improve rapidly. Use geo-targeted ads if you own a geographical location to share about your business which is a unique strategy to use for mobile users. Use a coupon to give the customers who are looking for useful information which is one of the strategies that is good to attract the mobile users.

2. Video marketing- Video is a major source that is liked by most of the people. Using video for your marketing process can give a huge boost to your business. To make the video strategy more effective, try to look for customers position in the sales process create videos on different stages. To create brand awareness, try to make a video that introduces your product or service to the potential customers. Then you must post the overview video of your brand and it must feature a solution for the customers. Finally you must have a number of videos related to your product and know it works along with the benefits.

3. Social skills- Social media has been used by many brands, but they lack the skills on how to use it efficiently. You must train your employees to use social media for brands in the right way. To train your employees, first you need to know your objectives and also make sure that your employees are safe while staying online. Make sure to give professional training for your employees, so they are able to use social media tools perfectly. Untrained employees can get into trouble while use social media for their business as the content used are visible to all on this platform. The content used by your brand can cause damage to their reputation if it is not disclosed in the right way.

4. Social traffic- There are few special apps available from all the social media channels which also plays an important part in getting more traffic to your post. Try to maintain your status update short and it must be relevant to your brand. Also use links to your website by shortening it using one of the URL-shortening tools. Also use images in your profile as it is the first thing that will come to your audience notice. Your post can receive more traffic due to the image and the contents used in it, so try to create unique images.

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Social media tactics are very important to know whether you are reaching the correct audience. The following are 4 stages that can be used to market your brand.

1. Suggest right information- Try to share the right information with your audience and make sure to solve their problem perfectly. You must also be able to suggest the right sources to find the solution. Try to use the right kind of marketer tactic to support your audience. To reach the people who are looking for answers, try to track create social monitoring searches which will let you know about the latest updates. Schedule your time on daily basis to engage with your audience to get the leads on your social media channel. Try to reach them using your personal followers by sending replies on the posts and even sharing contents as well as images related to your brand.

2. Reveal your brand value- Once you suggest the right information for your leads, you can increase your brand value. Try to create a stage that must feature all the useful information and try to help your leads to assess their available options. To make your leads continue feel comfortable take them to decision stage by creating a innovative social media campaign which must feature all the unique selling proposition (USP) of your brand in the most entertaining way.

3. Showcase positive results- Once your leads reach to the decision making stage about your brand, they will decide to purchase your product or one of your competitors product. The leads reaching to this stage will positively buy your product, but they need a one simple reason to start their purchase. This is one of the best times to use your sales tactics and cover the leads into genuine customers. Most of the people will normally encourage your support related to the product and how it is useful to them. Also support the lead to start engaging with your team by introducing a trial offer. You can also start a mini case study that must include your analytical data and happy customer details. Try to use a short video that must feature all the benefits about your products. This is one of the most unique and best tactics to convert the leads.

4. Engage with new customers- The easiest thing for selling your product is with the existing customers, but attracting new customers can be really difficult. The important for many marketers is to attract new customers and through them reach to a large audience. Try to engage with the customers who have are new to your brand to develop a strong relationship. Engaging with the customers is a very important process that must be similar to the interactions with your friends. Reach to your customers through social media channels which will make them really comfortable. Also look for other brands and the way they engage with their customers which will give you an idea about reaching your own customers.

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Marketers who are using social media to promote their business can use special plugins that can help to improve their posts. Mainly those who are using WordPress along with social media can select one of these plugins to make their marketing process simple. The following are few important plugins that can be used link both your social media profile and blogs.

1. Social login- This plugin can be used to sigin to a website using your social media profile. There are different options available in this option as it features comments, sidebars, registration pages and more. It is also available as a free option for all the users.

2. WordPress social stream- It helps to create a Twitter feed with various platforms that can be displayed on the website. Apart from Twitter you can also use other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and more. But this option is available as premium feature with a fee.

3. Custom Twitter feeds- Twitter feed can be placed on the blog to make the readers aware of your posts and then you can link the social media along with your website using this option. Place the Custom Twitter Feeds in the blog for customized feed and display it in the Twitter feed. Twitter feed used from plugin can b seen on your mobile and it also works on stylistic aspects related to your theme as well as search engines. On top of the Twitter feed option it is possible to place a clickable CTA that would support in making the viewers to follow your Twitter account by just clicking on the link.

4. Monarch social sharing button- This plugin can be used to select different types of sharing buttons on the social media platform which includes automatic pop-ups, floating sharing bars and more. It is also mobile-responsive that features customized button shapes and effects. But this is also available with a fee and you can get lots of unique themes that can be used very easily.

5. Simple social icons- All the people who are using social media would like to make their post sharable and even want the users to follow their account. With this plugin you can place all the social icons in such a way that the viewers will be directed to your brands profiles.

6. SEO toast- This plugin is best for those who want to make a particular keyword get perfect rank in the search engines so it is easily reachable for all. You can add the keyword and meta description in this plugin to automatically assess the webpage performance based on your keyword. It is possible to get complete information related to your content and its performance on regular basis. You will also get the option to see the problem you content has faced and the way to correct it. This is available for free and it is also much easier to use when compared to other similar tools.

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