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Those who want to know latest trends happening on the social media, it is better to use their mobile. In the present day, most of the people use mobile device to access their social media activities. According to new research, the majority of people have been using mobile device to be active online. There are special strategies that can be used with their mobile to know social media network process.

1. Geo-Targeting- One of the most unique way of mobile marketing can be done with geo-targeting. The brands want to give a unique look to their ads that are more relevant in making the geo-targeted ads improve rapidly. Use geo-targeted ads if you own a geographical location to share about your business which is a unique strategy to use for mobile users. Use a coupon to give the customers who are looking for useful information which is one of the strategies that is good to attract the mobile users.

2. Video marketing- Video is a major source that is liked by most of the people. Using video for your marketing process can give a huge boost to your business. To make the video strategy more effective, try to look for customers position in the sales process create videos on different stages. To create brand awareness, try to make a video that introduces your product or service to the potential customers. Then you must post the overview video of your brand and it must feature a solution for the customers. Finally you must have a number of videos related to your product and know it works along with the benefits.

3. Social skills- Social media has been used by many brands, but they lack the skills on how to use it efficiently. You must train your employees to use social media for brands in the right way. To train your employees, first you need to know your objectives and also make sure that your employees are safe while staying online. Make sure to give professional training for your employees, so they are able to use social media tools perfectly. Untrained employees can get into trouble while use social media for their business as the content used are visible to all on this platform. The content used by your brand can cause damage to their reputation if it is not disclosed in the right way.

4. Social traffic- There are few special apps available from all the social media channels which also plays an important part in getting more traffic to your post. Try to maintain your status update short and it must be relevant to your brand. Also use links to your website by shortening it using one of the URL-shortening tools. Also use images in your profile as it is the first thing that will come to your audience notice. Your post can receive more traffic due to the image and the contents used in it, so try to create unique images.

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Social media contacts are one of the best ways to convert them into an offline business. Just use these following steps to develop a best personal networks with the help of your social contacts.

1. Set your target- First analyze what you want to achieve and set your target which will help in reaching the people in your list of the social network to connect easily. You can set your target to reach it in a specific time and if you fail to reach it try to do additional work.

2. Collect the contacts- There a number of tools that can be used to collect the contacts in one place and this can help to track social media activities at a particular location. In the tool you can just see the people visiting your campaign and select them for further action.

3. Use virtual option- Once you have decided to reach the person in your contacts you can just connect with them virtually. Video chats can help you to know the person and their interest as most of the social media channels offer virtual contacts. There are also other apps that can be used to contact the contact person virtually.

4. Consider the people- To maintain your network strong, it is important to consider and keep in touch the people. You must select the level of your communication using your contact at a particular time-frame. There are few tools that can help you to communicate with the people at the right time.

5. Respond to people- This is a very important step where you can send a simple tweet to the people before meeting them in person. After getting a respond from the people on the social media channel, try to send a reply to them and if possible you can also start following them any of the social networks.

6. Reaching- You can maintain your network wide by reaching to the people. Try to be first in answering all the queries from the people in your network which will build a trust on you on the social media platform. Once you have met the person, try to request them if they have anyone who can use your service. You can reach to as many people as possible to if your communication with the first person is successful.

7. Share it online- Once you have had a successful engagement with the contacted person, it is time to share a picture of your meet on the social media channel like Twitter. To do this you can use a tool called as path that helps you to share the information on various social media networks. It also has good search options and maintains record for a long time.

8. Go to conferences- This is the best option to turn your online contacts into offline. You can meet the people from social media at conferences and continue your process effectively.  You can take your engagement to the next level through conferences.

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Best Ways Of Mobile Marketing

Those who are running a business for the local customers, there are ways to make their process simple in reaching the right customers through mobile marketing. Mobile has become an important source of marketing as most of the people use it to be active in one way or other. Now a day’s people use mobile to access their social media channels and stay connected with the recent updates. Most of the people stay on mobile phones which can help the brands to reach the customers in their local area. Social media platforms are the best way to connect with the people and many people use access their social channels through their mobile device which makes it easy to reach them. There are different ways you can each to the customers through mobile. The first option would be announcing new offers to the people and even run a Twitter campaign on the mobile.

There are also options like email marketing that can help to reach the customers who access their emails through the mobile device. Another best option would be sms marketing that can be useful in reaching the customers in your area. Once you have got the SMS list of the people whom tried to reach by sending the sms and try to include the list in the social media profiles as well as websites related to your brand. It is possible to get smaller audience to engage with your brand using the sms lists. Social media channels have been considered to be one of the best ways to engage your local audience and there is also no need to get their mobile number to do this. Most of the social media channels have been created for mobile usage which includes Twitter, Instagram or more, but later they had developed for other source of audience. Try to create a good content for using it on the social media platform and you can also use other techniques to reach the audience such as creating an app that can be used for promoting your brand on the social channels.

You can also use mobile ads for getting the people engaged with your brand on the social channels. Try to target a certain group of people in your local area with geotargeting, beaconing and geofencing. Local search can be the best source for your business in the local area, so try to use Google with customized results for the search history based on your location. The small businesses normally have short physical locations that make it easy for them to reach the geographically targeted customers. Also make your fans and followers to review your brand in a positive way, so it can help other people to reach you in the right way. Also post interesting images related to your brand while posting the ad on the social media platform and it must be mobile friendly to attract the audience who are using mobile device to look for new products.

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Social media tactics are very important to know whether you are reaching the correct audience. The following are 4 stages that can be used to market your brand.

1. Suggest right information- Try to share the right information with your audience and make sure to solve their problem perfectly. You must also be able to suggest the right sources to find the solution. Try to use the right kind of marketer tactic to support your audience. To reach the people who are looking for answers, try to track create social monitoring searches which will let you know about the latest updates. Schedule your time on daily basis to engage with your audience to get the leads on your social media channel. Try to reach them using your personal followers by sending replies on the posts and even sharing contents as well as images related to your brand.

2. Reveal your brand value- Once you suggest the right information for your leads, you can increase your brand value. Try to create a stage that must feature all the useful information and try to help your leads to assess their available options. To make your leads continue feel comfortable take them to decision stage by creating a innovative social media campaign which must feature all the unique selling proposition (USP) of your brand in the most entertaining way.

3. Showcase positive results- Once your leads reach to the decision making stage about your brand, they will decide to purchase your product or one of your competitors product. The leads reaching to this stage will positively buy your product, but they need a one simple reason to start their purchase. This is one of the best times to use your sales tactics and cover the leads into genuine customers. Most of the people will normally encourage your support related to the product and how it is useful to them. Also support the lead to start engaging with your team by introducing a trial offer. You can also start a mini case study that must include your analytical data and happy customer details. Try to use a short video that must feature all the benefits about your products. This is one of the most unique and best tactics to convert the leads.

4. Engage with new customers- The easiest thing for selling your product is with the existing customers, but attracting new customers can be really difficult. The important for many marketers is to attract new customers and through them reach to a large audience. Try to engage with the customers who have are new to your brand to develop a strong relationship. Engaging with the customers is a very important process that must be similar to the interactions with your friends. Reach to your customers through social media channels which will make them really comfortable. Also look for other brands and the way they engage with their customers which will give you an idea about reaching your own customers.

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Are you looking for the most engaging fans on the social media, there are different ways that can be followed. It is very important to have fan following in Twitter as it can easily increase your popularity on the social media. Most of the businesses have also found Twitter to be the most engaging platform where they can reach to their consumers. Many people use hashtags to attract fans to their Twitter account, but there are also other important steps that can be used to create a large fan base. To promote your business on the social media also you must maintain a good presence.

1. Look for relevant fans- You must have a very good and attractive profile to become easily reachable to your fans on the social media platform. Most of the people on social media like to see your profile first before following your Twitter account, so try to share important things to attract them. The first option shared in your profile will be photo which must be genuine and real. Never use fake photos that are not related to your social account as it can affect your reputation. Next you must share information about yourself by using the 160 characters. If you are running a business account, then mention the details about your brand. Finally you must enter the location of your business which must be appropriate. There are also other tools that can help to look for particular people who can become your fans.

2. Attractive tweets- Whenever you are tweeting try to use interesting contents that can attract more people. There are different ways you can find the most attractive tweets for using it in Twitter. If possible you can also share contents posted by others through your social media account, but try to mention the name of the person to who the content really belongs to. Also look for topics that are trending on the other social media platform and share similar information from your Twitter account.

3. Get connected- Try to engage with people who talk more on Twitter. Even if the person whom you feel is less engaging, you can try to connect with them. Try to have conversation with people whom you find interesting on the social media and also start following them which will also make them to follow you back. You can also participate in Twitter chats to get visible to more people and enter into a conversation. Try to be active in Twitter most of time which can be done by scheduling tweets on regular basis.

4. Twitter promotion- This is a very important step in reaching to more number of followers. Apart from reaching to people in Twitter, you must also use other social media channels to promote the Twitter account. There are few options that can be used in other social media such as follow me in Twitter and even while sending emails use this call-to-action button to attract more followers.

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Those who want to have good results with their social marketing, it is important to analyze your work. By doing this you will be able to ensure that your profile and the content used on the social media is performing well. There are few ways that can help to improve your marketing process on monthly basis. You can just analyze your marketing process at the end of each month on the social media with these simple steps. Once you get the results, it can be used to adjust your plans for marketing in the next month.

1. Know your key performance- The most important thing is to assess your key performance areas that are related to your brand. Some of the things include retweets, followers, likes and more that must be concentrated to know the key performances. Visual contents are the most important part of engagement mainly for the B2B marketers and they use images or videos for promoting their content. In Twitter, you can use the hashtags to know the key performance of your business.

2. Reuse the content- You must always republish the most popular contents by following few important things. Always use the content that is relevant to your brand and never reuse the content that has time limit. Also make sure that the content used is always useful for some of the people on the social media platform. Try to use original content that is used in your website and avoid using curated posts as they are known to be less attractive. By following these simple rules you can easily attract more people to your post. Find out top 10 tweets during the last month that is usually based on retweets, clicks and more to known its performance. Once you assess these 10 tweets, you will be able to use the same type of technique in your business for social media marketing. Next you can repost the content in your Twitter account and schedule it accordingly.

3. Repurposing your content- You can use all your top performing content for repurposing just like reusing the content. If you don’t know which type of content to be used for repurposing, go through the previous month record. You can also start a campaign based on the repurposed content and also use the Google Analytics options to generate more traffic to your content.

4. Assess your social media profile- If you are really looking to expand your company and want to stand in the market for a long time, try to adjust your social media profile accordingly. It is always a good choice to assess your profile on regular basis even it is working in a perfect way. Try to update the profile on the social media platform in which you have the business profile on regular basis. If you are following a particular community or others who are following your profile are not active, try to remove them even if they are popular.

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Marketers who are using social media to promote their business can use special plugins that can help to improve their posts. Mainly those who are using WordPress along with social media can select one of these plugins to make their marketing process simple. The following are few important plugins that can be used link both your social media profile and blogs.

1. Social login- This plugin can be used to sigin to a website using your social media profile. There are different options available in this option as it features comments, sidebars, registration pages and more. It is also available as a free option for all the users.

2. WordPress social stream- It helps to create a Twitter feed with various platforms that can be displayed on the website. Apart from Twitter you can also use other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and more. But this option is available as premium feature with a fee.

3. Custom Twitter feeds- Twitter feed can be placed on the blog to make the readers aware of your posts and then you can link the social media along with your website using this option. Place the Custom Twitter Feeds in the blog for customized feed and display it in the Twitter feed. Twitter feed used from plugin can b seen on your mobile and it also works on stylistic aspects related to your theme as well as search engines. On top of the Twitter feed option it is possible to place a clickable CTA that would support in making the viewers to follow your Twitter account by just clicking on the link.

4. Monarch social sharing button- This plugin can be used to select different types of sharing buttons on the social media platform which includes automatic pop-ups, floating sharing bars and more. It is also mobile-responsive that features customized button shapes and effects. But this is also available with a fee and you can get lots of unique themes that can be used very easily.

5. Simple social icons- All the people who are using social media would like to make their post sharable and even want the users to follow their account. With this plugin you can place all the social icons in such a way that the viewers will be directed to your brands profiles.

6. SEO toast- This plugin is best for those who want to make a particular keyword get perfect rank in the search engines so it is easily reachable for all. You can add the keyword and meta description in this plugin to automatically assess the webpage performance based on your keyword. It is possible to get complete information related to your content and its performance on regular basis. You will also get the option to see the problem you content has faced and the way to correct it. This is available for free and it is also much easier to use when compared to other similar tools.

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Twitter ads are the perfect choice to attract more people to your profile and it can be made more attractive by adding a video in it. Using video ads in Twitter it is possible to reach out to large number of audience. Before create Twitter video ads you must decide what type of content you must promote in it. There are ways to successfully use the Twitter videos effectively. The ads containing a video in Twitter will work perfectly to attract audience in large numbers as it will feature high-energy as well as eye-catching content even for mobile users.

1. Create a list of videos- The video ads in Twitter can help to promote your products and reach out to people in different parts of the world. You can easily create visually attracting experience for your audience with the video ads and also make your product more popular. While using your Twitter ads make sure to create various videos that feature you product or service in a different way. The video ads must feature details about your product so its viewers can easily understand.

2. Showcase your product- The Twitter ads can be used to show your audiences what your product is all about and make your video the center of action to keep your viewers engaged. Also convey all the benefits related to your product to motivate the audiences to reach out to you.

3. Creating a video with how-to- This is one of the best options to provide a unique information about your product to the audience. You will be able to help more number of viewers to select your ad and enter the website mentioned in the video. Create how-to video which must be completely clear as well as visually appealing to the viewers.

4. Using already existing content- Most of the brands will be promoting their products through TV ads. You can use the same content which was used for TV in the Twitter video ads. TV ads provide a high-level of introduction related to the brands that makes it more useful to attract the audience. Many brands will give extra care while promoting their product on TV, so the content used in it will be unique as well as attractive. This will save more time and also reduce your work of creating a new content for the Twitter video ads. In case you don’t have a TV ad, then it is not a problem as you can create your own video which must be short and simple.

5. Creating video ads with creativity- This also plays an important role to promote your Twitter video ads. Try to be more creative while creating the content for Twitter ads and it must not look as it will be more effective. Use important contents related to your brand or product in the first three seconds of your video. Twitter has been the best place for many brands and video ads can attract audience easily.

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Having a Twitter account is easy, but managing them can be a difficult process. It can be much more difficult for those who are having multiple accounts. For such problems there are special apps to make your work simple. There are different types of best web-based apps specially available for the Twitter users.

1. Seesmic- This is one special app that has a very unique design which is almost similar to HootSuite. You can connect your Twitter account with Seesmic, there is one major disappointment with this toll is you can only manage 1 or 2 accounts only and you cannot switch between two accounts very easily. Some of the important feature in this tool includes better spacing in columns, color scheme options and rounded edges. But it doesn’t have the features such as analytics as well as tabs that make it a bad experience for the users.

2. Twimbow- Twimbow has been specially designed with unique features and colors that can look attractive for most of the users. This tool can be the most attractive tool for Android mobile users. There are most impressive features available in Twimbow that helps the users to have full control of the dashboard. You can also select the activity with a simple click in Personal Buzz stream. It is possible to add other simple features in this column such as hashtag streams, lists and searches. With its unique features Twimbow is the most important tool for Twitter users in mobile.

3. HootSuite- This tool has a very simple designed column layout that makes the menu buttons easy to use and it is also less effective on your eyes. You can create columns in different size that makes the users to have complete control over entire dashboard. In HootSuite, the users can easily to create and schedule your posts. The disappointing thing in this tool is the size of your profile picture which is really small. You can also see the trending topics in Twitter with this tool in the search box. Try to look for the user and keyword with the help of this search box that can be saved as a stream in your dashboard. HootSuite is the most used tool by the Twitter users as you can also create lists and also follow others.

4. TweetDeck- TweetDeck has been acquired by Twitter which has done many changes to this tool. In interactions column you can see the mentions of Twitter handle and retweets. Activity column in TweetDeck features the actions from other users followed by you. The users of this tool will have a hard time to see the columns, but the buttons on top of dashboard is easy to use. This is the best tool to manage multiple accounts as you can schedule an update and make sure that the tweet is sent to the right people. At the same time managing multiple accounts at the same time can give a hard time for most of the people.

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Remarketing of users in Twitter can be done just like it is done in other social media networks. With remarketing it is possible to get more benefit if you have a business of your own and even run campaigns. Before starting your remarketing process make sure to have the right kind of tailored audience to make it a more effective process. You must keep on testing the users until you get the right target audience for your business. Here are few things that can be helpful while remarketing Twitter users with the tailored audiences.

1. Targetting Twitter users- The first thing to do is look for the right people related to your business or service. There are special tools to do this such as Followerwonk that can be sued to search for the users with the help of keywords. Once you have received the right people, try to filter them manually which can be a little time consuming. Maintain the record of users in a spreadsheet, so that it is easy to filter them. It can happen only with some effort and keep on trying till you get satisfactory results. The tailored audiences have been improving advertising platform very much which is helpful for most of the Twitter users.

2. Increase the target list- After highlighting the targeted users in the list, try to look for their Twitter account and their followers. You can easily find many people of your interests by looking into the users followers. If you can spend more time in Twitter, try to reach followers manually or else you can automate the process. While doing this you can get people who are followed by the people as well as companies with similar interest to you. Once you have got the details of followers of the targeted users, it is time to see who they are following as many people will follow only influential people related to their business.

3. Divide your list- After these two steps in the above you will have enough data in your list, so it is time to divide them as per their categories. You can divide them as per your choice such as location, business and more. Now you must decide about which user to target first as it can be done as a sample process.

4. Start your process- Now you have the tailored audiences ready, so try to message them to begin your campaigns. Open your advertising account in Twitter, then access tools and choose the option Create New List Audience. Next select your audience name and upload the data to create the campaign. You can use various methods depending upon the performance of your audience group to target the users. But doing all this can be helpful at the end of your process even though it can be time consuming. The end result will be effective for every business people if they do this process in a proper way with some effort.

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