Using Tailored Audiences For Remarketing in Twitter

Remarketing of users in Twitter can be done just like it is done in other social media networks. With remarketing it is possible to get more benefit if you have a business of your own and even run campaigns. Before starting your remarketing process make sure to have the right kind of tailored audience to make it a more effective process. You must keep on testing the users until you get the right target audience for your business. Here are few things that can be helpful while remarketing Twitter users with the tailored audiences.

1. Targetting Twitter users- The first thing to do is look for the right people related to your business or service. There are special tools to do this such as Followerwonk that can be sued to search for the users with the help of keywords. Once you have received the right people, try to filter them manually which can be a little time consuming. Maintain the record of users in a spreadsheet, so that it is easy to filter them. It can happen only with some effort and keep on trying till you get satisfactory results. The tailored audiences have been improving advertising platform very much which is helpful for most of the Twitter users.

2. Increase the target list- After highlighting the targeted users in the list, try to look for their Twitter account and their followers. You can easily find many people of your interests by looking into the users followers. If you can spend more time in Twitter, try to reach followers manually or else you can automate the process. While doing this you can get people who are followed by the people as well as companies with similar interest to you. Once you have got the details of followers of the targeted users, it is time to see who they are following as many people will follow only influential people related to their business.

3. Divide your list- After these two steps in the above you will have enough data in your list, so it is time to divide them as per their categories. You can divide them as per your choice such as location, business and more. Now you must decide about which user to target first as it can be done as a sample process.

4. Start your process- Now you have the tailored audiences ready, so try to message them to begin your campaigns. Open your advertising account in Twitter, then access tools and choose the option Create New List Audience. Next select your audience name and upload the data to create the campaign. You can use various methods depending upon the performance of your audience group to target the users. But doing all this can be helpful at the end of your process even though it can be time consuming. The end result will be effective for every business people if they do this process in a proper way with some effort.